10/25/2011 07:47 EDT | Updated 12/25/2011 05:12 EST

Torture Victim Appeared To Have 'Advanced Cancer'


A forensic specialist described Dustin Paxton's alleged assault victim as looking like he had advanced cancer.

Dr. Elizabeth Brooks Lin testified Tuesday at Paxton's Calgary trial. He is charged with the forcible confinement, aggravated assault and sexual assault of the man, who was Paxton's former roommate and business partner.

Brooks Lin was working as a forensic pathologist in Regina during the summer of 2010 when Regina police asked her to look over dozens of photos and medical reports on the man.

The assault victim had been dropped off at a Regina hospital beaten, brain damaged and weighing just 87 pounds — down from 210 pounds. He was also mutilated, missing most of his bottom lip and part of his tongue.

Like much of the testimony heard during the trial at Calgary's Court of Queen's Bench, Brooks Lin highlighted the extreme malnourishment of the man, describing his appearance as what she would see in "someone with very advanced cancer."

She went on to describe a long list of abrasions, bruising and fractures that covered every part of the man's body, including his genitals.

The groin injuries may have come from "sustained pressure of something like a ring around the penis," said Brooks Lin.

Many of the injuries appeared fresh, while others were in the midst of healing, said the pathologist.

Some of the marks on the man's back were consistent with coming into contact with a round object, maybe a baton or a baseball bat, said Brooks Lin.

However, the marks show the object had some degree of flexibility — heavy electrical wire, for instance — she said.

Brooks Lin testified in front of Justice Sheilah Martin that there is no way to say exactly how the man received the injuries.