10/28/2011 08:39 EDT | Updated 12/28/2011 05:12 EST

British bobsled competitor expected to make full recovery after crash

WINTERBURG, Germany - A representative of the British bobsled competitor who fractured her spine in a training crash says his client has full feeling in her legs and is expected to make a full recovery.

Serita Shone, a brakewoman in the British women's team, underwent spinal surgery after she was involved in an accident in Winterburg, Germany on Thursday.

Ben Clatworthy, Shone's PR manager, says her spine has been stabilized and "the good news is she's got full feeling in her legs ... after the first bout of surgery."

Clatworthy says Friday that doctors expect Shone to make "a full recovery with no paralysis."

The bobsled containing Shone and teammate Fiona Harrison flew off the course in the fast bottom part of the track. Harrison sustained a head injury.