10/28/2011 01:40 EDT | Updated 12/28/2011 05:12 EST

Lingenfelter pushes NDP plan to help end homelessness with new public housing

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. - NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter says people in Saskatchewan need affordable places to live and is pushing a plan he says will help end homelessness.

Lingenfelter says the NDP will build 2,500 new affordable public housing units if elected Nov. 7.

He also says there will be a freeze on current public housing rental rates until a review of rent costs is complete.

The NDP has long promised to bring in rent control.

Lingenfelter says having a stable place to live is a basic right and a critical building block in helping people live stable lives.

The announcement came in Prince Albert, where the NDP hopes to win back a seat it lost by 61 votes in 2007.