10/28/2011 06:52 EDT | Updated 12/28/2011 05:12 EST

Mexico Violence: Ron James On Why Canadians Are Fearless About Traveling South (VIDEO)

Canadians are a fearless lot, especially about travel to Mexico.

Despite a travel warning from the federal government, ongoing reports of mass murder, bodies dumped in city streets, rape and drug violence, and several violent incidents involving their countrymen over the past year, Canadians continue to flock south.

And in record numbers.

According to the Mexico’s embassy in Canada, a record number of Canucks visited the country in 2010, The Toronto Sun reports:

Last year, Mexico saw 1,460,418 Canadian tourists, up 19.4% from 2009 and 28.52% from 2008. Canada made up Mexico's second-biggest batch of tourists, just behind the U.S.

So why aren’t we deterred?

Comedian Ron James has the answer: It starts with ‘T’ and ends with ‘A’.

In this bit of standup from Friday’s show on CBC TV, James talks snow, booze and the Canadian fear factor:

"With all this talk about safety and security, when it comes to travel, Canada is the last country running scared. How else can you explain our ongoing willingness to vacation in Mexico? Mexico is Afghanistan with margueritas. It’s easy to forget you’re in a third-world kleptocracy when you’re sucking back Tequila slurpees during happy hour at Señor Frog's."

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