10/29/2011 05:41 EDT | Updated 12/29/2011 05:12 EST

Vision Vancouver Promises Online Rental Database

Vision Vancouver released another piece of its election platform on Saturday, pledging to create an online registry to track property violations in Vancouver apartments.

City Council candidate Tim Stevenson the database means property owners will no longer be able to ignore their buildings in isolation and anonymity.

"Fifty two per cent of our citizens are renters, and Vancouver tenants deserve an easy way to know the history of the building they live in, and if their landlord is responsible," Stevenson said in a written release.

"An online database of Vancouver apartment buildings, highlighting work orders and property violations, is a simple step to empower Vancouver renters."

The database, modeled after a successful on-line watch list created by New York City's Public Advocate, will allow Vancouver residents to search out landlords and identify any building or safety violations issued by the City of Vancouver to specific rental buildings.

"As a renter, I've heard countless stories of friends who have lived in buildings with landlords who didn't make timely repairs," said Vision Park Board candidate Trevor Loke.

"By using the city's commitment to ... make building information available to the public online, we can provide renters with a simple tool to stay informed and avoid problem buildings."

Civic elections will be held throughout B.C. on Nov. 19.