11/01/2011 02:52 EDT | Updated 01/01/2012 05:12 EST

Five people broke code of conduct by not registering: lobby watchdog

OTTAWA - The federal lobbying commissioner has found five people breached the lobbyists' code of conduct.

Commissioner Karen Shepherd says Rene Fugere, Andre Nollet, Paul Ballard, Mark Jiles and Graham Bruce all failed to register as lobbyists.

Fugere was at one time an unpaid aide to Jean Chretien and Graham Bruce is a former British Columbia cabinet minister.

Shepherd has tabled four formal reports on the cases in the House of Commons.

Breaches of the code carry no fines or jail terms.

At one point, Shepherd referred two of the files to the RCMP, but the police decided no charges were warranted.

One of the cases dates back to 1998, because the investigation was stalled by a Federal Court ruling and a subsequent appeal.

Shepherd found that Bruce, a former Social Credit and later Liberal cabinet minister in British Columbia, had lobbied on behalf of the Cowichan Indian Band.

Fugere and Nollet worked together at a Quebec company and were found to have written to federal agencies on behalf of a Quebec sawmill.

Ballard, a Quebec management consultant, worked to get federal money for a Quebec vaccine manufacturer.

Jiles, a B.C. consultant, arranged for meetings between federal officials and his clients.