11/02/2011 10:28 EDT | Updated 01/02/2012 05:12 EST

Occupy Canada: Saskatoon Protesters Pack Up Camp, Contemplate Next Steps


SASKATOON - The Occupy Saskatoon movement has begun the process of leaving their encampment in Friendship Park.

The protest began two and a half weeks ago with a march from the University of Saskatchewan.

But officials say the camp has morphed into a shelter for the homeless and has grown rowdier with unconnected partiers.

Organizer Peter Abonei was there on Wednesday to dismantle tents and pack up supplies.

He said he knew the camp would have to come down eventually, but he hadn't thought it would happen this soon.

Abonei said the fire department came out on Wednesday and extinguished a fire the camp was tending.

"Obviously to maintain a vigil without a fire in this temperature is very hard to do," said Abonei.

He said they are now brainstorming on what the movement's next steps will be, but in the meantime many of the demonstrators are bringing the homeless into their own homes until they can figure out what to do.


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