11/03/2011 12:28 EDT | Updated 01/03/2012 05:12 EST

Barry Deley: Global BC Sports Anchor Wins $2-Million Lottery On Air (VIDEO)

Imagine winning the lottery. Now imagine winning the lottery while you're on live TV.

Global BC sports anchor Barry Deley was caught by surprise when he won a lottery for B.C. Children's Hospital on Monday. The draw was being broadcast by the station he worked for. Deley will have his choice of a home or $2 million.

The reactions of Deley's co-workers on air are worth watching. "Is he allowed to win," anchor Squire Barnes quipped. "Hey Barry, we're best friends, right?," anchor Sophie Lui joked while Deley waited on the phone.

"You know people will think this is kinda fishy, don't ya?," a surprised Deley said live on the air while he was shopping for groceries.

Barry is a pretty deserving winner, though. His daughter had a successful battle against cancer seven years ago and Deley said that he's been a long-time supporter of the hospital.

"Children's Hospital has just been a huge part of our life because they saved her life. We're forever grateful," he said in an interview

Like any real Vancouver sports fan, Deley even managed to get a crack in about Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo.

A few of his friends and fellow sports reporters also joked about the lottery win on Twitter.

As to whether he'll be headed back to work. “I am not sure I am going to work Wednesday. I might just want to take a little time to think about things,” he said in an interview with his employers.