11/04/2011 04:37 EDT | Updated 01/04/2012 05:12 EST

Women In Fashion: Grace Kelly And Many Others Who Have Shaped Our Fashion Sense


There's a new Grace Kelly fashion exhibit in Toronto that showcases the fashion icon's style -- her Birkin Kelly Bag, her wedding tiara and jewels and her classic couture. And when you look at the items, it's clear to see she's helped shape our collective sense of fashion (just look at Kate Middleton's wedding dress -- it was remarkably similar to the one Kelly wore when marrying Rainier III, the then Prince of Monaco).

Which got us thinking about all of the movie stars and fashion icons that have made a difference to the way we live and breathe fashion.

Thanks to Katharine Hepburn, we aren't limited to skirts and dresses. The Olsen twins have given us the ability to look a little bit homeless while still looking chic. And no one will ever forget Audrey Hepburn's streamlined, classic style.

So we've compiled a slideshow of the ladies -- some classic beauties and some modern -- we think have made a difference to our collective fashion identities. Let us know if you think we missed anyone on Twitter.