11/04/2011 05:55 EDT | Updated 01/04/2012 05:12 EST

Ron James Goes Off On Facebook And FarmVille (VIDEO)

Comedian Ron James has his own Facebook page, but you wouldn't say he's a HUGE fan of the social network.

In this biting piece of standup on privacy rights and personal freedoms, James sets his sights on the Facebook phenomenon.

"Facebook has been working hard on their privacy settings. So now, no one has your personal information except you, your friends and all of Facebook’s 1,800 employees. And if you saw the Social Network, you know they're good people."

He continues:

"Sour-pussed, money hungry little creeps who, in any world but the current one, where greed trumps all, would be shunned, clubbed and set adrift as carrion for sea birds so their poisonous avarice wouldn't pollute our tribe and corrupt our evolutionary process."

James also has some choice words for "FarmVille freaks" in the episode that airs Friday night.

The Ron James Show airs weekly on CBC TV, Friday nights at 8 p.m. ET. He’s also on Twitter.