11/07/2011 02:27 EST | Updated 01/07/2012 05:12 EST

Occupy Canada: Halifax Protesters Pack Up Tents To Make Way For Remembrance Day Ceremony


HALIFAX - Dozens of Occupy Nova Scotia protesters camped outside Halifax city hall are packing up their tents today and moving to a new location in the city.

The demonstrators, who moved in about three weeks ago, are cleaning up the area and putting tents into a moving van.

They say they want to allow Remembrance Day ceremonies to go ahead at the city's main cenotaph.

Occupy spokesman Shawn Wilson says it's expected all 60 protesters will shift their tents to nearby Victoria Park by Tuesday.

But he added the plan is to return to the public square known as Grand Parade on Saturday.

On Wednesday, a ceremony at the square will recall the arrest of more than 30,000 Jews by the Nazis in 1938 in Germany and Austria.

Wilson says if some people decide to stay in the square in front of city hall they would do so on their own and aren't associated with the Occupy movement.