11/08/2011 05:42 EST | Updated 01/08/2012 05:12 EST

EdgeWalk: Toronto CN Tower Attraction Sets Guinness World Record


TORONTO - The CN Tower now holds a Guinness World Record for its EdgeWalk attraction — the highest external walk on a building.

A certificate of the record was presented to officials Tuesday on the EdgeWalk itself, 356 metres above downtown Toronto.

The attraction allows people to walk hands free along a 1.5-metre-wide ledge that surrounds the top of the tower's main pod.

Walkers who venture out in groups of six are secured with a harness during their 150-metre stroll.

The walk opened to the public on Aug. 1 and officials say it has attracted thrill-seekers from age 13 to 90.

EdgeWalk will soon close for the year but reopens May 1.

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