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Toronto Least Liked Canadian City

Toronto is the least-liked city in Canada, according to an online survey.

Before Torontonians get all depressed, though, they should read a little deeper into the survey results.

Leger Marketing polled 2,345 Canadians and 19 per cent of them had a negative view of Toronto, but Montreal was a close second at 18 per cent.

The statistics aren't overwhelmingly against Toronto, but what’s more interesting is the concentration of negativity coming from the west.

The negative feelings toward Ontario's capital were more common in western Canada, with 30 per cent of Albertans saying they disliked Toronto. That opinion was shared by 27 per cent of those in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and 23 per cent in British Columbia.

The survey respondents were asked to grade Canadian cities — among them Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Victoria, Quebec City, Edmonton and Ottawa — on a scale of feelings from "very positive" and "somewhat positive" to "very negative" and "somewhat negative."

The survey also included options for those who had no opinion toward a city or who preferred not to answer.

Of the cities in the survey, Ottawa had the most positive result, with 82 per cent of respondents saying they have good feelings toward it. Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary also ranked well in the survey.

The survey was conducted by internet polling between Sept. 20 and Oct. 3. The margin of error is within two per cent, 19 times out of 20.

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