11/11/2011 09:07 EST | Updated 01/11/2012 05:12 EST

British Columbia Export Market Dominated By The U.S.

VANCOUVER - The provincial government says British Columbia continues to export more goods to the United States than to Japan and China combined.

The Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Training says B.C. exported nearly $3.2 billion in goods to international destinations in September.

The province's most valuable exports were agricultural, fishing, energy and forestry products, followed by industrial goods, machinery and equipment and automotive products.

Buying more goods than any other country was the United States, which imported nearly $1.3 billion in B.C. products.

Meantime, China and Japan bought $528 million and $520 million in goods, respectively.

The provincial government says Asian economies are growing in importance, though, as exports to Japan and China climbed by 66 per cent and 48 per cent in September 2011 over the same time last year.