11/11/2011 06:30 EST | Updated 01/11/2012 05:12 EST

FanExpo, Comic Con: One Giant Nerdgasm, Says Ron James (VIDEO)

At any given time, there’s a legion of pop culture and comics enthusiasts, many dressed in full character, roaming the halls of local convention centres in search of collectibles, autographs and companionship with like-minded fans.

Tuscon’s Comic Con just wrapped up

and Austin’s begins Friday.

One of the biggest Canadian events, Toronto’s FanExpo, is held every summer and attracts a huge number of attendees in amazing costumes


The granddaddy of them all is San Diego’s Comic-Con, which returns July 12-15. Its influence has grown to the point where Hollywood comes knocking with previews and exclusive clips any time there’s a new sci-fi or comic-inspired film to promote.

To Ron James, the fan expo is “one giant nerdgasm.”

“When you’ve made a Wookie costume from brushed-off dog hair and you’re proud of it, there’s only one place to be, the annual fan expo. Or, under observation in the closed ward.”

In this clip from The Ron James Show, the comedian also pokes fun at "LARPing" and two members of his audience in the front row who, judging by their reaction, know much about what he speaks.

The Ron James Show airs weekly on CBC TV, Friday nights at 8 p.m. ET. He’s on Facebook and Twitter.


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