11/16/2011 10:54 EST | Updated 11/16/2011 10:55 EST

Lady Gaga In Moncton, NB: YouTube Video Of Pantless Singer At Local Airport A Hoax (VIDEO)

A YouTube video of Lady Gaga strolling pantless through the Moncton, NB, airport is trending in Canada, but Monctonians should put away their giant eggs and super-sized heels for the time being.

Turns out the video is a fake (shocking, we know!). According to the Times&Transcript, the video, shot Monday, was part of a guerrilla marketing campaign to raise awareness for an event Thursday hosted by a local jeweler, with all proceeds going to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Attendees will be able to get their photo taken with a Gaga look-a-alike.

Reports the Times&Transcript:

President and CEO André Cormier confirmed yesterday afternoon the staged happenings Monday were part of a guerrilla marketing campaign. "We wanted to create buzz for our charity event and create awareness for the Children's Wish Foundation," he said

A second video of Gaga purportedly giving an interview in the back of a limo, clears up any question about its veracity: Sure, she’s got the blonde hair and fishnet stockings, but that ain’t Gaga’s voice.

Still, it’s for a good cause. And who knows, maybe the attention will help bring the Lady herself to Moncton, a city full of Little Monsters who clearly pine for their hero, as this Facebook fan page proves.