11/17/2011 12:43 EST | Updated 11/17/2011 12:48 EST

Queen's Players Talk Up Their School With 'I Go To Queen's' (VIDEO)

If you went to Queen's University (or you're lucky enough to be attending right now) you'll probably love this video (warning, some of the language is NSFW) from the Queen's Players.

'I Go To Queen's' is the troupe's promo video for its fall show "Never Say Neverland Ranch" and is a Rick Merceresque satirical rant on the 'glories' of attending that educational jewel in Kingston. As of Thursday afternoon it had a respectable 31,000 views.

And obviously, it's not a video created by the university administration.

"It's the go-to place for a vague, alcohol-ridden undergraduate education. Want to learn a trade so you can get into the workplace after you graduate. Not at Queen's you don't," rants one undergrad.

"Queen's prides itself on being politically correct to all. In fact sometimes we're so politically correct, we're borderline racist," said one actress on the video.

The video also includes a nice healthy amount of school boosterism.

"What did one Queen's student say to another student attending another school? Nothing, because he was better than them. Come to Queen's and you can be better than everyone too," said a leather-jacket clad, sunglasses wearing dude.

Fortunately this writer didn't go to university in Ontario (UBC Class of 2002, thank you very much) so he can't participate in this central Canadian inter-collegiate sniping.

But, oh yeah, SFU sucks.