11/18/2011 10:26 EST | Updated 01/18/2012 05:12 EST

City Officials Intervene At Occupy Quebec


Officials in Quebec City stepped in to tear down a structure Occupy protesters were using as a kitchen.

The protesters were given a deadline of Friday morning to have the structure removed, because the city said it was too permanent for the park.

In an attempt to partially comply with the demand, protesters put the structure on wheels. It wasn't the solution the city was looking for.

Just before 10 a.m., city workers marched straight to the 10-foot structure and started dismantling it.

About a dozen police officers were at the scene, where protesters yelled and chanted their disagreement.

"The police who are here say they do not want to be here. City employees here have said they do not want to do what they're doing, but they do not have a choice," said Guy Wera, who was in the crowd Friday morning.

The city has said it wants all of the tents at the site removed, but has not yet set adeadline for that.