11/18/2011 04:26 EST | Updated 01/18/2012 05:12 EST

Yukon Government Orders Protesters To Leave


The Yukon government has given the last residents of the tent city next to the legislature in Whitehorse 48 hours to move on.

Health Minister Doug Graham announced Friday the remaining protesters were being ordered to leave for their own safety, due to the extreme cold weather.

Environment Canada is forecasting a low of –30 C in Whitehorse for Sunday.

The encampment sprang up in June as a protest about the lack of affordable housing in the territory. At one point, dozens of campers were living on the lawn of the main government building in Whitehorse.

Yukon’s opposition party wants to know where the evicted protesters will go.

“I don't see that very much has happened in the last five months,” said Jan Stick, the Yukon NDP’s Social Services critic.

“The Yukon anti-poverty coalition recently released a report that identified more than 100 homeless Yukoners, so they are not camped out here at YTG on the lawn but they are still out there homeless.”

The Yukon government says it has offered accommodation to the few remaining campers on the site.

It says sheriffs have delivered eviction notices and any belongings left on the site after the 48 hour deadline will be removed.