11/27/2011 01:37 EST

Uses For Coffee Filters You Never Imagined

Whether it's a green thing, or just a 'forgot to buy more paper towel' thing, coffee filters can prove themselves infinitely useful when it comes to cleaning your house.

Lifestyle expert and TV host Mar Jennings shows off his expertise with some fabulous ideas. Frankly, most of them would never have occurred to us, like creating a makeshift shoeshine glove from these handily shaped filters.

Multi-purpose household items are gaining in popularity once again, years after your grandmother urged you away from buying all of those separate products for the house. Whether it's using olive oil to soothe a sore throat, putting honey on a cut as an antiseptic, or saving the last of your wine to clean your fruits and vegetables, looking for the surprising ways your groceries can be put to use for you is half the fun.

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