11/26/2011 06:28 EST | Updated 01/26/2012 05:12 EST

Manitoba Tories will choose new leader at Winnipeg convention on Oct. 27, 2012

WINNIPEG - Manitoba's Progressive Conservatives say they'll choose a new leader at a convention next fall.

The provincial Opposition says all party members will be able to cast ballots in a one-member, one-vote selection process that will take place Oct. 27, 2012 in Winnipeg.

The date was set by the party's executive council at a meeting on Saturday.

Current leader Hugh McFadyen announced on election night last month that he would resign.

McFadyen says he will stay on until the party chooses a new leader.

The party says it is still working out details like the venue for the convention, as well as how it will accommodate voting in different areas of the province.