11/26/2011 11:51 EST | Updated 01/26/2012 05:12 EST

New Brunswick Liberals meet to vote on proposals leadership

FREDERICTON - The New Brunswick Liberal party will choose its next leader using a form of the one-member, one-vote system.

The system was overwhelmingly supported by Liberal members attending a weekend convention on Saturday in Fredericton.

In the system, each party member votes in their riding and their vote is translated into points that are awarded to the leadership candidates, party president Britt Dysart said in an interview.

He said each of the province's 55 ridings will have 100 points.

The points are awarded based on the candidates' percentage of the votes cast in a riding.

Members will also rank candidates in order of preference.

If their first choice is dropped from the race then their second choice is awarded the vote. That continues until one candidate has over 50 per cent of the points, said Dysart.

"This is a really democratic way of doing it and it also preserves every member's ability to rank candidates in a confidential and private manner," said Dysart after the meeting.

About 600 members of the party attended the convention, which is attempting to rebuild the party after a major defeat in last year's election.

The New Brunswick Liberal Association launched a renewal commission shortly after the party was thrown out of office last September, making it the first one-term government in the province's history.

The renewal commission proposed 31 recommendations to the party conference, including the change to the leadership voting system.

On Sunday the party's executive is expected to meet and set a date for the leadership convention.