11/26/2011 12:39 EST | Updated 01/25/2012 05:12 EST

Report: Former CFLers Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca trades punches at alumni lunch

VANCOUVER - There was some early unnecessary roughness at the Grey Cup weekend in Vancouver.

According to various reports, former B.C. Lions quarterback Joe Kapp and 74-year-old ex-Hamilton Ticats defensive lineman Angelo Mosca got into a physical altercation Friday afternoon at a CFL alumni luncheon.

The confrontation reportedly began after a highlight clip was shown from the 1963 Grey Cup, a game where Mosca drilled Lions running back Willie Fleming in what many considered a controversial late hit.

Fleming was forced from the game and Hamilton won the championship.

The altercation on Friday started after the clip when Kapp, 73, offered Mosca flowers as a symbolic peace offering. The sentiment was refused by Mosca and punches were reportedly thrown.

According to witnesses, Mosca used his walking cane to ward off Kapp's punches.

Mosca's post-football career included involvement in the World Wrestling Federation.