11/27/2011 05:47 EST | Updated 11/27/2011 06:52 EST

Managing Blogs Editor Danielle Crittenden Talks About Huffington Post Canada With Howard Kurtz On CNN


How is The Huffington Post Canada, which launched six months ago, different from our American counterpart? Our managing blogs editor Danielle Crittenden appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources to explain.

"It's got the same mix of politics and entertainment and news," Crittenden told host Howard Kurtz, "And now it's got a real Canadian bent in our bloggers."

She added that the mix of political views among our bloggers sets us apart from other players in the Canadian media landscape.

"I'm having left and right all sharing space in the same blog rail," she said. "Traditionally there are liberal publications, conservative publications in Canada but I'm mixing it all up together so you can come and get that debate."

Watch the full interview to find out why Crittenden calls The HuffIngton Post "SEAL Team 6," why she thinks Canadian debates are more subdued, and which type of celebrity gossip Canadians really love the most.