11/27/2011 07:36 EST | Updated 01/27/2012 05:12 EST

Eurozone Debt Crisis: Member States Mull Governance Pact To Restore Confidence In Euro


PARIS - The French budget minister says France and its eurozone partners are working on an "overhaul" of European treaties to help restore market confidence in their ability to reduce high state debt and deficits.

Valerie Pecresse has floated the idea of a governance pact among eurozone members that will include "real regulators, real sanctions" to help restore confidence in the currency union.

Speaking Sunday on Canal Plus TV, she said the eurozone's biggest economies — France, Germany and Italy — want to be the "motor" of a more integrated Europe.

Pecresse said the 17 eurozone members must show solidarity and each country must rid itself of the debt and deficit problems that are behind the continent's deepening debt crisis.