11/28/2011 10:13 EST

Tim Hudak: Twitter Abuzz After Politicians' Daughter Gets Hold Of His Phone


While Tim Hudak wasn't successful in his run to become Premier of Ontario, he showed Sunday he has a master politician's skill for turning error into opportunity.

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader set Twitter ablaze Sunday after his daughter Miller got hold of his BlackBerry and sent out two gibberish tweets.

The two messages quickly became trending topics on the social network.

Soon after, Hudak tweeted that his daughter Miller had used his phone to send the tweets while he was driving.


Hudak isn't the first Canadian politician to capture the Twitter zeitgeist with unusual or accidental messages.

Earlier this month, NDP MP Pat Martin sparked a firestorm after sending out a series of profane tweets in a moment of outrage over the Tories ending debate on a budget-related bill.

A totally unscientific poll conducted by Huffington Post found 53.5% of readers thought Martin's reaction was "justified," 23.41% that it was "over the line" and 23.09% that it was "hilarious."

There was little doubt that former Ontario PC candidate George Lepp crossed a line, accidental or otherwise, when he tweeted a picture of a male's genitals back in May.

The Toronto Sun initially reported that the picture was of Lepp, the apparent result of some sort of pocket malfunction. However, the hopeful in the riding of Niagara Falls (he was defeated in the election) soon denied the picture was of him. A mystery that perhaps is best left unanswered.

Hudak's tweets show that a four-year-old child's tweets can often be less politically damaging than those of an adult. One more reason to let children run for office?


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