11/28/2011 04:59 EST | Updated 01/28/2012 05:12 EST

Kilt Ban Coming For Toronto Area Schools?

The Durham Catholic District School Board is about to take the first step in what could become a ban on kilt-wearing in local schools.

Kilts have been a traditional part of the secondary school uniform but trustee Chris Leahy says the kilts are being worn way too short.

"Are they really looking to represent the community in the best possible way when they have such a short skirt," he said.

Leahy says he has been getting complaints from parents and others in the community that the kilts are being hiked up too high, so he's bringing a motion before the board to ban the garment.

The board, which is responsible for schools in Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa and several other communities east of Toronto, will consider the motion at its regular meeting on Nov. 28.

At least one student says she knows why the girls wear their kilts rolled up.

"You get more attention when your kilt is a little bit shorter," she told CBC News.

Although there are rules about the kilt length, most students ignore them and the girls are rarely reprimanded.

Leahy says teachers shouldn't have to waste time monitoring hem lines and so the solution is obvious.

"Since it's unreasonable to get the administration and teachers to enforce it — and it's unreasonable I guess for the girls to keep it the right length — then then best option is to eliminate it."

Leahy suggests the girls wear trousers most of the time and shorts when the weather is hot.

If the motion is passed, it would still have to go to local parent-councils for further discussion.

It would then be up to each individual school to make the ultimate decision.

Other Catholic boards in Ontario, including those in Toronto, Halton, Peterborough and Clarington, have taken measures to give schools the power to ban kilts.