11/29/2011 05:39 EST | Updated 12/07/2011 02:29 EST

Holiday Hairstyles: The Right Look For Any Hair (PHOTOS)

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By Glynnis Mapp,

Long or short, straight or curly, Schwarzkopf's celebrity hairstylist Tyler Colton gives us tips for holiday hairstyles and tricks on how to get a glam look this season without going overboard.

Curly Hair

Try: The Imperfect Chignon

Prep your hair with hair oil from the middle of your hair shaft to the ends to help reduce frizz (Colton suggests Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil Miracle). Then, using your fingers, rake the rest of the hair into a low ponytail or chignon to the side.

"Keep this loose with plenty of volume," says Colton. "If pieces fall out around the fringe area, that's okay. You do want to be careful not to have pieces around your ears or it will look dated—like prom hair or Scarlett O'Hara."

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Straight Hair

Try: The High Ponytail

The key to making this look chic is to style your hair very straight—without wave, bend or bounce. Position your pony at the top of the crown of your head, hide the elastic of the ponytail with a strand of hair by wrapping it around the elastic and pinning the end at the back.

"There should be no flowers or embellishments, let the length of the ponytail be the focus," says Colton. If you can't part with your side-part, Colton says you can cheat a little by making it more dramatic: create a deep side-part, pull the hair up into a ponytail and create some height in the crown of your head with OSiS Dust It and some backcombing.

Short Hair

Try: The Sleek look

Short hair can be just as glamorous. The trick is to do it in a modern way. Create a side-part using OSiS Buff and OSiS Aqua Slide to create a very slick masculine style. Use a one-inch curling iron to create a slight bend to the hair then use OSiS 4Play to break up the curl.

"The key to this look is to use your fingers not a brush," says Colton. "If you use a brush instead it will get too puffy and look dated."

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