12/01/2011 03:49 EST | Updated 01/31/2012 05:12 EST

Francesco Braga: University Of Guelph Professor Mistakenly Selected As Italian Agriculture Minister

Francesco Braga, a University Of Guelph agriculture professor could've had a change of careers earlier this week, when he was selected to be the new junior Minister of Agriculture in Italy's government.

The problem, the Italian government was looking for someone else, an engineer and professor named Franco Braga, who teaches at Rome's Sapienza University.

Francesco told the Toronto Star that the events were "very peculiar" and that he even got an e-mail from the minister of agriculture in Rome telling him to come to Rome to be sworn in.

Francesco even received congratulations from some of Italy's key agricultural producers, including the famed makers of parmesan cheese, reported the BBC.

The case of mistaken identity probably sprung from a miscommunication with Altero Matteoli, the previous infrastucture minister, who recommended Franco Braga, the Roman engineering professor, for another government job.

."To tell the truth, I recommended him for infrastructure, but they put him in agriculture," the Guardian reported.

If we were Francesco, we might've taken the offer, Italy sounds a lot nicer than Guelph in December.