12/01/2011 04:09 EST | Updated 01/31/2012 05:12 EST

Durban Fossil Award From The 'Uninformed': Kent

AFP/Getty Images

Environment Minister Peter Kent still refuses to confirm reports Canada will withdraw from the Kyoto Accord.

The minister continued to dodge questions about the Harper government's intentions in advance of his trip to Durban, South Africa next week for the United Nations climate conference.

At the end of his scrum with the CBC's Julie Van Dusen, he said the "fossil award" Canada received at the conference Wednesday came from "the uninformed, or ideologically-driven."

Meanwhile, speaking in Durban Thursday, the Brazilian ambassador and head negotiator at the climate talks, Andre Corrêa do Lago, called reports that Canada was pulling out of the agreement "very bad news" because developed countries need to take the lead on climate change.

"It's very clear that countries that leave the Kyoto Protocol leave to do less than they would do," he said. "If a developed country has the capacity to do much more and it leaves, it's to do less."