12/01/2011 07:05 EST | Updated 01/31/2012 05:12 EST

Dangerous Debris Falling On Vancouver Daycares

The City of Vancouver is doing everything it can to minimize the problem of debris falling on downtown daycares from high-rise buildings, the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority says.

As CBC News first reported yesterday, the list of falling objects that have landed in the outside play areas includes everything from broken glass and needles to human bodies.

The city proposed putting a roof over the daycares but the health authority would rather allow the children to play outside in the sunshine, VCHA spokeswoman Anna Marie D'Angelo said Thursday.

"One of the other things we've asked them to do is speak to the residents of the building and make them aware there is a childcare area there," D'Angelo said.

She said daycare staff now do morning safety sweeps for needles, glass and anything else that might have fallen overnight.

On Saturday, there was a particularly gruesome discovery at Atelier, a city-operated daycare on Homer Street. There was a suicide and the body fell on the playground. It was the second such incident at a downtown daycare in a year.

Earlier this year, the city tendered a request for proposals for consulting services to assess the risks at these daycare centres.

"There has been an increasing occurrence of material and/or debris failing in and around the outside areas of the childcare facilities. This includes glasses, bottles, disposed needles and in some cases objects up to two hundred pounds."

A representative from the city has said that in future, it will pay greater attention to how new daycare locations are chosen.