12/12/2011 04:08 EST | Updated 12/19/2011 03:16 EST

Adrian Mainella: Three Things You're <em>Not</em> Doing That Are Ruining Your Footwear


It never fails. Even though we know winter is on its way (the thermometre begins to drop, frost forms) we delay going to the mall to buy a decent pair of cool-weather boots. And then, the second the snow starts to fall, we scramble to find a Sorel we'll enjoy wearing, immediately pop them on our feet and walk into the winter wonderland that awaits.

The only problem is we end up dropping all this money on a pair of boots only to skip the most important step in shoe maintenance: protecting them from the elements.

"Salt and snow can wreak havoc on footwear," says Adrian Mainella, a Canadian fashion journalist and TV personality and spokesperson for Tana. "It's important to protect all shoes and boots with a protectant spray... before the first wear and after every time you clean your shoes. It creates a barrier that repels the elements, and also makes cleaning easier."

For Mainella, doing the following three things is an absolute must if you want your shoes to last for more than one season.

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