12/03/2011 06:22 EST | Updated 08/14/2013 05:12 EDT

Saskatoon Police: Stolen Pickup Had 8 Kids As Passengers, 14-Year-Old Driver

SASKATOON - A stolen truck with a 14-year-old driver and eight other children inside failed to evade police after it got stuck on a slippery road.

Police in Saskatoon say they spotted a 2006 Chevrolet pickup on Friday night that was taken from a business earlier in the week.

They say after an initial stop, the driver tried to get away but couldn't get enough traction on the icy road.

Police say the boy got out of the truck and was arrested right away.

Nine people, including the driver, were in the stolen vehicle and ranged from eight to 14 years old.

Five boys face various charges and are being held in custody, while two girls and two boys who were too young to face charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act have been returned home.