12/06/2011 08:09 EST | Updated 02/05/2012 05:12 EST

Canada-U.S. Border Deal Will Track Departing Travellers


The federal government has lost track of more than 40,000 failed refugee claimants ordered deported from Canada up to 15 years ago, and who may still be wandering the streets illegally.

Similarly, at any given time, there are about 300,000 foreign workers, students and visitors in the country on temporary visas, but the government has no accurate way of knowing how many are here illegally after their permits expired.

In both cases, the problem is the same: Canada has no exit monitoring at the border.

While everyone arriving in Canada has to be checked, cleared and registered, travellers can drive across the border into the U.S. without telling anyone in this country that they are leaving.

Ditto for travellers leaving the U.S. and entering Canada

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