12/06/2011 03:51 EST | Updated 02/05/2012 05:12 EST

Peter Goldring: MP Who Refused Breathalyzer Railed Against MADD Proposal For More Roadside Testing


EDMONTON - An Edmonton radio station says Alberta Tory MP Peter Goldring is apologizing to people in his riding after being charged with refusing a breathalyzer test.

Police say Goldring was stopped on Edmonton's north side on Saturday night at a roving check stop after attending his riding association Christmas party.

CHED says Goldring did not wish to be taped.

Goldring says his withdrawal from the Conservative caucus is temporary until the matter is resolved.

The Edmonton East MP told the radio station that he can't discuss what happened because it is before the courts.

The radio station says Goldring wants to make it plain that no one should drink and drive, but he also says he is paying a heavy price for standing up for civil liberties.

In a message posted on his website in 2009, Goldring railed against a Mothers Against Drunk Driving proposal to require more roadside breath testing of drivers, even when police didn't suspect a driver had been imbibing.

"It is safe to say everyone is opposed to drunk driving