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Kim Cattrall's 5 Tips To Look Good Naked

Kim Cattrall's character on 'Sex and the City,' Samantha Jones, was known for one thing: her love of sex.

Because of that, we (the world) got to see a lot of Samantha's, ahem, lady bits -- during the TV series' successful run (not to mention the subsequent films). And though some of her actions seemed controversial at the time, we dig Cattrall's decision to embrace her female form. It's clear she's comfortable and confident in her own skin, and though the 55-year old Canadian-raised actress has since sworn off doing nude scenes, she still has a thing or two to say about loving thyself naked.

The Huffington Post Canada took a moment to sit down with Cattrall before she hosted this year's P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards in Toronto. Her main message: Getting to love your body is as important as anything else you spend time on -- and how you decide to boost your confidence is really up to you.

"You get help and aid where you can, whether it's from a trainer or a dermatologist or an old home remedy of putting tea bags on your eyes or cucumbers or whatever," she says. "For a lot of women, the choice is more than that... [But it's] a woman's choice."

Read on for Cattrall's top five tips on how to look good in the buff.

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