12/08/2011 03:08 EST | Updated 12/08/2011 03:08 EST

Canadians In Fashion: Highlights of 2011

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When it comes to the fashion industry, Canada is the strong, silent type: we're good at what we do -- and we know it -- but up to now we haven't really caused huge sartorial ripples outside of the country.

Enter 2011. It's been a busy -- and memorable -- year for Canadian style. Whether Canuck-based retailers were opening stores internationally or a fashionable blazer (worn by a Royal) helped two designers take centre stage, our favourite homegrown, fashion-forward heroes were hard at work.

And so, we'd like to give pause and celebrate the year that was -- and all of the grand strides that were made in the Canadian fashion industry. Take a moment to admire the work of your very own style-makers.

And let us know what Canadian moments in fashion mattered to you in 2011 on Twitter.

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