12/11/2011 06:44 EST | Updated 02/10/2012 05:12 EST

Quebec ADQ Merger: New Quebec Party Expected To Be Formed With Francois Legault


MONTREAL - Quebec's newest political party appears ready to take another step toward becoming a major force in the province.

The Canadian Press has learned the Coalition For Quebec's Future could merge with the Action democratique du Quebec as soon as this week.

The merger is expected to be a boost for the new right-of-centre party that has promised to shelve the debate on sovereignty for a decade.

Leader Francois Legault has caused a stir in Quebec and was leading in opinion polls before his party even existed.

Observers have been predicting the merger for the past several months.

The ADQ nearly won an election in 2007 but grabbed only two per cent of the popular vote in a byelection this month.