12/11/2011 03:28 EST | Updated 02/10/2012 05:12 EST

Occupy Vancouver Protesters Reunite


Occupy Vancouver protesters met in the city's Downtown Eastside on Saturday to talk about the future of the movement.

The protest camp disbanded last month, five weeks after the movement began, after failing to establish a new encampment following two evictions.

As about 100 demonstrators reunited on Saturday, the discussion included whether they should bring back the encampment.

"I hope to see and take the temperature of the crowd and find out what people are thinking about that," said Hugh Stinson, who has been involved in the Occupy movement since the beginning.

"There are different strains of thought on that. We have had some offers of land, we have had some land that we have just considered taking. There are questions around what is the best strategy? What are the best tactics? Is an encampment necessary?"

Temporary occupations

But Stinson said the protest is not over.

"I think one thing you will see for sure is at least temporary occupations [are] popping up," he said.

"We have plans for where we want to go

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