12/11/2011 08:46 EST | Updated 10/01/2014 12:59 EDT

Street Skiing Video, Shot In Trail, B.C., Goes Viral (VIDEO)

YouTube and Vimeo are home to some of the best time wasters you can ever find and one of the more entertaining categories has got to be in the sports arena. Some of us love the frisbee throwing Brodie Smith but with winter approaching, a street skiing video shot in Canada has gone viral and with good reason.

Yes, that's right, street skiing. The video, artistically shot in high definition and set to music, builds up slowly and is followed by some jaw-dropping scenes following the skier down asphalt, rails, over clothes lines.

The video features skier J.P. Auclair and is shot by Dave Mossop.

The segment is part of a feature-length film called All.I.Can. An interview with the director reveals the sheer amount of work that went into the segment.

How many days did it take to shoot?

14 days and we worked our asses off. There was just the 2 of us (with occasional help from kids walking home from school;). Ive (sic) never shovelled so many poo particles in my life.

The video is at the top

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