12/12/2011 09:38 EST

Can Men And Women Ever Really Be Friends?

It's the question that inevitably gets brought up at some point during a late night conversation between 18-year-old students: can men and women ever really be friends?

Most famously expounded upon by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan's characters in "When Harry Met Sally", this video put together at Utah State University draws its own conclusions from a selected group of students. Spoiler alert: things haven't changed much since that 1989 movie. Men think just being friends is basically impossible, while women have no problem with it at all.

While it's hilarious to see the distinction between the sexes, the staunch divide also seems to reveal another truth. For men, friendships can't possibly occur with someone to whom they're attracted, but for women, that underlying tension doesn't really faze them. Having feelings for someone doesn't mean you can't hang out with them -- it just means that right now, and possibly forever, they're firmly in the 'friend' category.

That kind of candor might explain why "girl crushes" abound, while "bromances" are the subject of hardy-har-har slapstick comedies. If women can easily acknowledge an attraction amongst friends, it's not about whether or not it can happen -- it's how well both parties can deal with it. But that's a topic for another video.