12/12/2011 07:18 EST | Updated 12/12/2011 07:24 EST

The Top Celebrity Chefs Of 2011: Scoring The Famous Foodies

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This year may have shown us that insects can be meals and South Korea is a truly exciting food destination, but one thing that didn't change in 2011 was our appetite for celebrity chefs.

The usual suspects were recently rated on their PeekScore -- that is, their online presence according to number of followers on Twitter and Facebook, blogging activity, prominence in the news and a whole host of other factors.

In this U.S.-centric list, it's not too shocking to see who came out on top. But the surprises come further down the list, where favourites mingle with non-household names -- or don't factor in at all. While online presence may not be speaking much to culinary capabilities, it does help us see just who was tops in popularity in 2011.

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