12/14/2011 04:36 EST | Updated 12/14/2011 05:17 EST

Bob Rae Twitter: Liberal Interim Leader Calls BS Over Young Liberals Feud


Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has taken a page out of Pat Martin's book and started swearing on Twitter.

A tweet about a simmering feud between young liberals Zach Paikin and Max Naylor sparked this response from Rae: "what bullshit is this?"

The tweet was in answer to Adam Goldenberg, who posted "Young Liberals attacking each other in the press. Chrétien warning about hidden agendas. Rae, Gingrich, Kyoto... Um, what decade is this?"

The young Liberals spat Goldenberg referenced began when party member Max Naylor published a blog post criticizing TVO host Steve Paikin's son, Zach Paikin, who is currently running for national policy chair of the federal Liberals. In the post, Naylor takes issue with what he sees as Paikin's right-of-centre views, writing that "If Zach Paikin is a progressive, then Rick Perry is an atheist."

Rae isn't the first Canadian politician to get profane on Twitter.

In November, NDP MP Pat Martin sparked a firestorm online after sending out a series of profane tweets in a moment of outrage over the Tories ending debate on a budget-related bill.

A totally unscientific poll conducted by The Huffington Post Canada found 53.5% of readers thought Martin's reaction was "justified," 23.41% that it was "over the line" and 23.09% that it was "hilarious."

Rae's Twitter profanity was clearly less dramatic than Martin's and looks like it will also be overshadowed by Liberal MP Justin Trudeau's outburst in question period Wednesday, in which he called Environment Minister Peter Kent "a piece of shit."

So much for Parliamentary decorum.


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