12/16/2011 07:12 EST | Updated 02/15/2012 05:12 EST

Christmas Shopping: Canadians Spent $433 So Far On Gifts, Poll Says

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TORONTO - Expect the malls to be full this weekend, a CIBC poll indicates two-thirds of Canadians still have items left on their holiday shopping list.

The poll — concluded earlier this week — also revealed that Canadians have spent an average of $433 on gifts so far this holiday season.

However, 24 per cent of Canadians say they will likely end up over their budget once the last item on their list is paid for.

Atlantic Canadians on average have spent $618 so far this year on gifts, one of the highest dollar values in the country. Quebec residents have spent the least, spending $369 on average so far this year.

A sample of 1,005 Canadians was polled and the results are considered accurate within plus or minus 3.1 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

Residents of Manitoba and Saskatchewan appear to be among the sharpest budgeters in Canada this holiday season, CIBC said, with one quarter believing they will spend less than their holiday budget after all of their shopping is completed.

Percentage of Canadians who say they have not completed their holiday shopping, by region, from CIBC:

Atlantic Canada - 64%

Quebec - 64%

Ontario - 68%

Manitoba/Saskatchewan - 53%

Alberta - 64%

British Columbia - 64%

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