12/16/2011 05:02 EST | Updated 02/14/2012 05:12 EST

11 Moves The Conservatives Made This Fall (PHOTOS)

While the Conservative government has used its newfound majority to push through time allocation motions, which limit the number of hours set aside for debate, more than any previous government, only three bills are expected to pass both the House of Commons and the Senate before the end of the fall sitting of the 41st Parliament.

The seven bills on the list made it through the House between Sept. 19 and Dec. 15. Most were introduced in a previous Parliament but didn't make it through the entire legislative process.

Of the bills on which the government moved time allocation, C-13, C-18 and C-20 are due to become law before Parliament rises from the fall session.

The government also used time allocation on C-10 and C-19, the bill to end the long-gun registry, but the gun registry bill isn't expected to move to the Senate until 2012.

There were a number of other measures the government introduced which didn't need parliamentary approval, such as banning face coverings during citizenship ceremonies, withdrawing from the Kyoto protocol, agreeing to a border action plan with the United States and strengthening sanctions against Iran.

11 Moves Harper Made