12/19/2011 07:29 EST | Updated 02/18/2012 05:12 EST

Court says Toronto doesn't need to hold municipal byelections

An Ontario court says the City of Toronto does not have to hold byelections for councillor in Ward 9 and school trustee in Ward 4.

A decision released Monday by the Ontario Divisional Court sets aside a lower court ruling that said the city would have to re-run the elections in the two wards because of voting irregularities.

Maria Augimeri was re-elected in her north Toronto ward in October 2010, by just 89 votes.

Her closest competitor, Augustine Cusimano, complained that some people had voted in the riding who weren't eligible.

A similar complaint was made with the school trustee position in Ward 4.

That vote was even closer with Stephnie Payne winning by just 56 votes over Michael Sullivan.

Cusimano and Sullivan took the issue to court and initially won, with the city being told to hold byelections in both wards.

But the higher court ruling found errors in the lower court ruling and ruled the results could stand.

The court ruled both results "are declared valid, and the order for by-elections [sic] is set aside."

In a news release the city said it is "pleased this matter is resolved ..."

There is no word if yet if there will be an appeal of the judgement.