12/20/2011 10:04 EST | Updated 12/22/2011 09:24 EST

Perfect In-Flight Proposal Gives Step-By-Step Guide

As the YouTube generation grows up, we can expect more and more life events of strangers recorded for our viewing pleasure. And when it comes to asking for someone's hand in marriage, arguably the scariest moment of the proposer's life, we can also expect the chance to watch some nerves of steel.

But for Scott Wetton, it seemed the nervousness could be dissipated through extremely careful planning. As he shows in the video above, asking girlfriend Jacqueline Poushay to marry him required two plane tickets, a storage locker at the airport and a fake itinerary. With the couple planning to go home to their families for the holidays from Calgary -- Wetton to Toronto, Poushay to Sydney, Nova Scotia -- this kicked off the season on a decidedly romantic note.

While we do wish we could see Poushay's face as Wetton gets on the mic, we love the payoff when the camera finally zooms in on her, and finds her sobbing happily. Best of all? That absolutely scored them free champagne for the rest of the flight from Calgary to Toronto.

Check out this gallery of the cutest in-flight proposals -- we're certain the one above will be added shortly.