12/20/2011 10:09 EST | Updated 12/20/2011 11:24 EST

BeachMint: What Mary-Kate And Ashley Are Bringing To Canada


It's a Christmas miracle (at least for the sartorially obsessed amongst us). Just in time for Boxing Day, -- the awesome members-only shopping destination -- will start shipping to Canada.

Haven't heard of the site? is an online retailer with a family of brands that works with celebs to sell unique clothing wares. There's, which works with Kate Bosworth to sell jewelry;, which works with Rachel Bilson to sell footwear; and, of course,, which works with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to sell clothing.

"StyleMint allows us to interact with customers in a personal way. We have a strong connection with our Canadian customers and are thrilled to bring them StyleMint," says Mary-Kate Olsen of BeachMint's expansion news.

For the sisters, offering their wares to an international audience is a no-brainer. "Reaching our customers internationally is an exciting step, especially because so many shoppers depend on the accessibility of e-commerce," adds Ashley Olsen. 

Kate Bosworth agrees. "I am delighted we can now offer JewelMint to our fans in Canada; the first territory to which we offer international shipping." 

Says President Diego Berdakin: "International expansion is in line with BeachMint's vision to evolve the customer experience online and to bring incredible value to customers everywhere. With new markets, we can offer our members and social media fans new and exciting ways to engage and interact with our designer partners and shop our brands."

Want to get in on the shopping action? Membership to BeachMint's brands is free. To become a member, log onto any of the sites and complete a quick Style Quiz.

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