12/22/2011 07:36 EST | Updated 02/21/2012 05:12 EST

Top Five B.C. Excuses For Drinking And Driving

"I can't be drunk, I'm the designated driver,” is one of the top excuses B.C. police have heard from impaired drivers this month, according to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

As a caution and a reminder, ICBC released a list Thursday of the most frequently heard excuses at accident scenes and police spot checks.

Among some of the others most common reasons impaired drivers offer are:

- "I'm driving my drunk friends home, I've had less than all of them.”

- "I've only had a couple."

- "I can hold my liquor."

- "I was only going two blocks."

ICBC said even a small amount of alcohol can cause impairment and no matter how close a person is to home, anyone getting behind the wheel should think twice about drinking and driving.

The company said police roadblocks will be up across the province during the holidays and no excuse will work if a person is driving while impaired.

A recent B.C. Supreme Court decision has put part of the province’s 2010 change to drinking-driving laws in the province in limbo.

But the parts of the law placed in doubt affect only the immediate penalties police can impose on those registering a .08 blood alcohol level or higher.

Driving above .08 is still illegal under federal law.

Anyone blowing between .05 and .08 also is still subject to having their vehicle impounded and automatic driving suspensions imposed.

The provincial government says alcohol-related traffic deaths dropped by 40 per cent in the year after the law was toughened in September 2010.