12/21/2011 05:09 EST

Quick Study: A Professional Cleaner Helps Us With Stains


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Let's face it, many of us tend to spill drinks on ourselves when we're having fun. The Huffington Post Canada talked to master dry cleaner Mohamud Rahim of Busy Bee Gold Dry Cleaners in Vancouver, on simple steps to remove stains as they happen.


"It's quite common that you don't have enough time between parties to get your pieces dry cleaned. If ironing a previously worn piece, be sure to never iron over a stain or blemish from the previous wear -- you may set them."


"When spills happens, always try to blot the stain with a napkin or paper towel. The goal is to absorb the liquid out of your garment without agitating and setting the stain. If you do agitate the stain (by rubbing it), you run the risk of bruising the fabric and removing the colour."

Contrary to popular belief, stain pens are not miracle fixes. A stain pen actually changes the composition of the stain and does not remove it from the garment.

After The Party:

"The most imporant tip is to always clean the garment before you store it for the season. Have you ever stored your favourite winter dress

only to find it has a brown spot next season? The reason for this is there was either an invisible stain or a stain that you thought you had removed prior to storage."



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